Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Being in Business

First of all apologies for the long break, the last time I posted a blog was about a month or so ago! This post will go right along and will help to explain the posting delays :-) Enjoy!

So I am a former corporate worker, who always wanted to have her love business. Does that ring a bell to you!? Laughs. I will not turn you away from it, I will say it is awesome and if you have the guts and stamina go for it, but be prepared. My days are starting at 6-7am and going till 10pm, weekends are often included :-) It might sound bad, but I am truly loving it. I am doing that I love, I love to teach yoga. I really believe yoga helps people to heal and mend their peaces together, I see it every time I teach. People come in stressed, in pain (physical & emotional), and they leave happy, smiling, feeling good. It is hard work, yesterday I though a class at 7am, my last class finished at 9:15pm, but the feeling of helping someone to feel better is so awesome that all the hours don't really matter. I get to do fun things with my students and my training is so cool. The studies of yoga and how it affects the body and mind are fascinating.

So back to being an entrepreneur, it is a huge challenge, it is like a big roller coaster ride. Some days are awesome, some days are really bad, and you just want to quit! You have to keep it business and focus on finances, and on your return. You got to be on your feet, able to act quickly, but calculated. You got to LISTEN! and have an open mind. You have to be compassionate to yourself and turn the PC off. You got to have a mentor - thanks to my husband Kent! You need a great team, thanks BNI! You have to have friends - and I have been so blessed on this area, thanks to all who have and are supporting me. You got to keep it fun, but the most important of all - you have to love what you do!


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