Monday, September 10, 2007

Montana Baptiste Level II

What a week! I am back home now reflecting on all the things that happened in Montana. Strangely it already feels like it happened a long time ago. The experience was magical, the place (Feathered Pipe Ranch) the friends I made, the experiences we shared, all the yoga we did, the pipe ceremony, the mountains. Everything was incredible. I definitely feel a very different person, more calm, centered, open. Yet, I am here in our office same walls, same windows, and as I type I listen to my friend Amanda's CD, and remember her beautiful face, and the energy the whole group shared together. Like the Thai people say Same-Same, but different ;-) Ready to face the future Fearing Not! Loving lots!

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Zoo said...

I love your perspective on life, keep up the great work! Hopefully some day I'll be able to attend one of your classes.