Monday, September 10, 2007

Rising from Mud

Until this week, I did not have a clear understanding behind the symbolism of the lotus flower and yoga. The lotus flower is the new you, the strong you, who's able to rise above the mud of lies that our ego creates. Our personalities, our ego, starts to define itself really early on, in our childhood. It is at this time that we start to live our lies, inside of this circle our ego is protected. The ego holds on tight to this inner circle, and it's ultimate purpose is to avoid that our real-self succeeds. It holds onto these self created lies in order to protect itself. In my case I had a garbage can full of lies... Here is a sample: I don't need you, I am not good enough, I can't do this, I am a fake, I am not beautiful, I don't belong, I am too powerful, I am a cheater, I know everything, I don't speak clearly, and I could go on. The interesting thing is that most of us don't are not even aware of the works of the ego. Yoga helps us to become aware of this internal chatter and ultimately liberates us from it. Thus the Lotus Flower rising from the mud, which represents the new you liberated from these lies. When we are aware of the ego chat we become stronger, and able to be compassionate to all around us. We stand up tall, and powerful ready to take on new challenges and re-create our future.

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