Monday, September 10, 2007

Reflections on Agressive Confrontation

I hold myself accountable for being too aggressive when confronting certain members on their lies during their Magic Carpet Ride. I understand that I need to curb my passion and be more of an even kill. I understand I need to control my emotions and not let myself be carried on by the moment. I also understand that I need to be compassionate and "put myself on other people's shoes" when speaking. I also understand this to be detrimental to the community and to my growth as a leader. My new behavior is of compassion, humbleness and moderation.

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Vera Pereira said...

I totally respect a person who have such a courage to acknowledge her own shadows. And I totally believe that in acknowledging the dark we experience the light.

I was attempting to say that this kind of courage impresses me more than the courage to climb a mountain
but hey this division is only in my mind.


Vera Pereira